Friday, August 28, 2009

So I got really lazy this entire week and I did not make the Chocolate fruit cups. I will make them hopefully this weekend of next weekend! Why do I say the weekend? I finally got a job! Doing admin work.. I know, I know. It's bitch work but it's a start for me. I've been doing retail for YEARS! Since I was 13 years old! I just can't do it anymore.

Get this, I found out two of my other friends also went to the same interview! Who would have known! I start this job on Monday! WISH ME LUCK! I hope they like me!

Another good news, I also got a call back for Moxie's ON THE SAME DAY! Isn't that great? It made my day! The two jobs I actually went for an interview for.. and I got both jobs! Moxie's will not be opening until October but I will be working at both jobs. I am only taking 3 courses at school and I don't think the courses will be too difficult. They're both part time.

Mornings (Monday-Friday) from 10-3 I will be at my admin job and in the evenings (depending on which days they will give me) I will be working at moxie's or be at school.

Wish me luck guys!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pamper day?

I have been trying to hide today. I also have been trying to keep myself busy so I don't go out and crave to eat food that is not allowed in my diet.

I decided to wax my legs, do my eyebrows and clean my room. Boring, yes I know but I couldn't think of anything else to do. I had to wax and pamper myself for saturday anyways. I have a wedding to attend to. I hope it'll be fun. I hope the food will be delicious (consider that is my cheat day) so let's hope it's worth it! I will make sure to post pictures from the wedding for you! AND I will also post up photos of the chocolate fruit cups when I make them, I just hope I don't get too lazy in the next day or two.

OH and I will be going to a job fair for moxie's tomorrow morning. I hope it will go well. I'm a bit worried.. I have been told they only hire very HOT looking girls OR girls who show a lot of clevage. What to do, what to do. Let's just hope they love me for me, hahaha. I don't know what to wear yet.. boo booo boo!

OH which reminds me, I need to do my smart serve today. I'll keep you guys up to date.

Decided to post up an old photo.
This is me and Janet at our old house in Hamilton. Good times, miss those random days!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chocolate fruit cups!

I will be making chocolate fruit cups! Who is excited? I sure am! I will be making them either thursday afternoon or friday morning! Too bad I can't have more than one. I am currently on a very strict diet .. that is working for me so I do not want to ruin my diet just yet. I also need to save my cheat for a wedding I have to attend to this weekend!

I know, I apologize, I did not properly introduce myself. The name is Diana but many call me Dee. Why dee-lirious?
Definition time; Delirious: marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion. That says it all!

This blog is going to about randomness. I hope you don't mind. I hope I can keep you entertained with my everyday life. It isn't that exciting but I will make sure to provide you with TONS of photos!

See you guys tomorrow or friday!