Friday, August 28, 2009

So I got really lazy this entire week and I did not make the Chocolate fruit cups. I will make them hopefully this weekend of next weekend! Why do I say the weekend? I finally got a job! Doing admin work.. I know, I know. It's bitch work but it's a start for me. I've been doing retail for YEARS! Since I was 13 years old! I just can't do it anymore.

Get this, I found out two of my other friends also went to the same interview! Who would have known! I start this job on Monday! WISH ME LUCK! I hope they like me!

Another good news, I also got a call back for Moxie's ON THE SAME DAY! Isn't that great? It made my day! The two jobs I actually went for an interview for.. and I got both jobs! Moxie's will not be opening until October but I will be working at both jobs. I am only taking 3 courses at school and I don't think the courses will be too difficult. They're both part time.

Mornings (Monday-Friday) from 10-3 I will be at my admin job and in the evenings (depending on which days they will give me) I will be working at moxie's or be at school.

Wish me luck guys!


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